1.Cover Plan

We will make our special operations to decorate your toilet-cover with your selected design, and then your restroom will change to a dazzling new space.
Stock several toilet-covers decorated with our different designs, and then it will
be very easy for you to change the atmosphere of your toilet, depending upon your situation such as party, event and festival.
Select your design from our DESIGN COLLECTIONS and enjoy your new
space in toilet.

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2.Compact Plan

This Plan is available for a wall mounted toilet.
If we make our
special operations to decorate your wallmounted-toilet with your selected design,
its impression will become much more exciting and amazing than the cover-
plan. Select your designs from our DESIGN COLLECTIONS.

(Compact Plan may not be available, depending on the forms and/or shapes of the wallmounted- toilet)

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3.Full Plan

This plan is a total coordinated plan for restroom with your selected design,
including walls inside the restroom.
It can transform the look of toilet with beautiful design for supremcomfort.
The tiolet will be your new next farvorite place in a house.

Select your designs from our DESIGNCOLLECTIONS Compact Plan.

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4. Special Order Plan

This plan is completely different from 3 plans above. This is a custom-
made plan. Theme is ideal forms in your mind. We will make an only-one design
in the world for you to meet your ideal forms.

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