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Taikou Juken standard warranty begins on the date of toilet-wrapping work completion and period by 2 year, and wrapping durable is more than 5 years. Covers the cost of all parts and labor needed to repair any defective item on your toilet wrapping supplied by Taikou Juken.



A beautifully decorated toilet provide our mind with a healing through visual sense. It
means the end of a negative restroom environment which is dirty and dark for not only kids
but for adults. In a commercial complex, Artoletta is a topic and attracting customers. This
product also contributes to the medical welfare. It provides not only a healing but support
for people with weak eye sight to identify the toilet location by using a color easy to see.
This technology may be applied to other interiors such as wall, furniture and equipment i.e.
a restroom could be totally coordinated and decorated.